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Anonymous [587]
2014-04-16 14:55:03 (AEST)
>inb4 super niggers
Anonymous [586]
2014-04-16 14:54:41 (AEST)
Anonymous [585]
2014-04-15 01:59:10 (AEST)
I remember when I was a little kid, I used to listen to stories my grampa told me. It was often happy stories of the old times. But sometimes, his face became sad and I asked him "what's wrong grampa, what makes you sad?". Then he tells me about the germans, who came in our lands and destroyed everything.Several times.So he told me stories of the war, and stories of wars he was told by his grandparents. It all started in the 19th century when they came for the first time. My great great great great grandad was stolen a cow and some chicken by prussian soldiers.Then they came back, 40 years later, to still another cow and some chickens to my great great grandad. 20 years later they were back in their thirst of french farm products and took TWO cows, some chickens and a full ham. Beasts! I will never forget for the 4 cows (and all the potential milk) and the quasi dozen of chicken (and all the potential eggs) my family was robbed of.
Anonymous [584]
2014-04-15 01:58:57 (AEST)
Let me tell you this story may sound silly, but multiply it by the million of French people who lived the same kind of story and you won't laugh anymore. Just imagine all the cows and chicken we would have now if these germans didn't take a good part of it? Maybe I can forgive the bombing, the battles, the occupation, even the ham, but shit, living cattle and chicken wasted to germans? For what? Sausages to eat at dinner, at 6 o'clock pm? No, I wasn't born on this earth for that. I just hate germans.
Anonymous [583]
2014-04-14 14:38:59 (AEST)
*whips out dick*
Anonymous [582]
2014-04-13 00:18:28 (AEST)
Anonymous [578]
2014-04-09 22:38:49 (AEST)
Pharma548 [577]
2014-04-09 22:28:12 (AEST)
Very nice site!
Pharmg624 [574]
2014-04-09 16:47:00 (AEST)
Very nice site!
Pharmf880 [566]
2014-04-09 05:31:49 (AEST)
Very nice site!
best tripfriend [561]
2014-04-04 12:56:16 (AEST)
hello squarekiwi. i have not forgotten you. not by a longshot.
a polite sage [559]
2014-03-25 19:09:52 (AEST)
hello everyone
>tfw this is nice board
Anonymous [555]
2014-03-07 14:10:57 (AEST)
Hello 554.
Anonymous [554]
2014-03-06 18:08:57 (AEST)
Anonymous [553]
2014-03-03 03:51:26 (AEST)
Hi benches
o [552]
2014-02-24 07:28:49 (AEST)
Anonymous [551]
2014-02-24 05:30:09 (AEST)
best tripfriend

Great Guy

2014-02-23 08:30:38 (AEST)
flim-flams. flapjacks. camel-bumps. sustin-unce. grundle-runts. subtle dump-taking. cravings worth savoring. artificial flavoring. seder-catering.

anyway, wow. what a humble, bustling assembly of kindred spirits that has taken shape here. i love it so, it is my life, and my way. in fact i made fresh pasta just for this site:

>508, 512, 525, 527, 528, 530, 532-535, and 542

if ur not making fresh pasta, ur part of the problem. havent u ever seen kitchen nightmares? step it up, folks.

(hey admin, give me a special tile like u have pls. it will attract attention, helping to cultivate a perceived exclusivity in the eyes and minds of the masses, ultimately broadening the community and differentiating its niche value proposition.)
Anonymous [547]
2014-02-22 14:43:44 (AEST)

Talk about shit taste in anime.
Anonymous [546]
2014-02-22 14:43:22 (AEST)
niggers tongue my anus
John [545]
2014-02-22 14:41:16 (AEST)
Hey Faggots,

My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day reading stupid text. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to other people's text stories"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Anonymous [543]
2014-02-22 05:04:04 (AEST)
fuck the police
Anonymous [542]
2014-02-22 03:50:19 (AEST)
the kids at school call me poop-nose, i wish they'd stop. ya so what there is a malignant mole on my face, it is a serious health issue so they should srsly stop. i might have to punch a n*gga. at least i pluck the hairs from it and keep it clean. once i sliced it open shaving. it tasted o.k. but the doctor told me i shouldn't have done that because i gave my insides a disease now too. i never feel good and food tastes different. sometimes i wanna cry but pop-pop told me be strong.
Anonymous [541]
2014-02-21 22:28:51 (AEST)
I'm here 540.
Anonymous [539]
2014-02-21 21:28:32 (AEST)
>tfw http://feels.ca/ is kill
Anonymous [538]
2014-02-21 21:26:54 (AEST)
this is a lovely message
Anonymous [537]
2014-02-21 21:15:14 (AEST)
>believing the magic sky daddy gave us magic second brains made nothing that fly up to magic sky land where everything is perfect forever

I hope the worm enjoy their meal
Anonymous [536]
2014-02-21 20:47:09 (AEST)
Someone important to me died last Tuesday. may her soul rest in peace.
Anonymous [535]
2014-02-21 19:38:56 (AEST)
please tell your friend to go so i can get a snack, i do not want to meet him. i just want to reheat some fucking pad thai in the toaster-oven without making an impression on a whole new person. just explain the whole situation to him, i am sure he would understand, but we must do this every time, lest i finally meet him and break the streak, which would just make me hate you even more.
Anonymous [534]
2014-02-21 19:25:03 (AEST)
USB is the devil's work. just look at the shit. it's got a pitchfork on it. a trident. a tool used to torture damned souls. it is satan's doing. degenerate satan-worshipping shitstains of the tech world set this up. they knew exactly what they were doing. paying homage to their leader, the deceiver. and google chrome logo has obvious triple six... and don't even get me started on SATA. just fucking totally goddamn obvious i wanna shake people and wake them the hell up to this evil conniving culture. they do not properly know of the threats they face. the insidious mal-intent behind the scenes. the smoke and mirrors, fogging up the heart and mind, one must liberate the chakras.
Anonymous [533]
2014-02-21 19:18:10 (AEST)
fricking snot-nose smell of dressing makes me want to tear my eye sockets out. shit-feet dung-beetle gross-fuck smell of salad dressing reducing. fucking wanna hurl. why the hell does it do that shit. pisses me off. fucking crap-butt smell of taint and stinky butthole. leafs and butthole, salad barf dressing. looks like barf sometimes. fuckin wanna smell the webbings of my toes prolly smells like that funky stenchy stench putrid rotting horror, wanna pinch a fricking ear the wrong way so the cartilage gets all crumpled when i think about that shit.
Anonymous [532]
2014-02-21 19:11:03 (AEST)
okay you may have been a war hero gramps but it aint bout to pay the bills. please do not fall asleep in the kitchen. don't use the kids' bathroom at night, you scare them. stop fucking eating our dairy products we have to get milk like every other day cause of your dirty face plus you stink up the place. not cleaning your shart-trails up anymore, bitch, and we're putting shit on the stairs to trip your ass up. your skin flakes are making the children vomit. get headphones cause we hate hearing your weird-ass shows at four in the morning, fucking strange weirdo.
Anonymous [531]
2014-02-21 19:07:00 (AEST)
I don't know what this is.
Anonymous [530]
2014-02-21 19:02:29 (AEST)
okay there may be normal trails from planes but there are thtese mad sus [suspicious] ones that hang around for a long time and spread. and sometimes, when it's a sunny morning, you can see the planes begin to spray layers of them, by midday, blocking the sun's direct rays for some reason or another. sometimes forming whole cloud systems in a day that otherwise would have been perfectly sunny. makes me fucking sick. should make you sick. secret poison operations across america and the world. chemical secrets.
Anonymous [529]
2014-02-21 18:59:52 (AEST)
I love you so much Joe! I can't wait until you propose to me someday.
Anonymous [528]
2014-02-21 18:59:16 (AEST)
oh my gosh just own up to it we know you stole it , a wallet of money from around the world that my grandfather gave me and now you just go and fucking pawn the shit, you fuckin serious idiot? that was a fucking keepsake and you just sold it and fucking bought heroin. dumb asshole. hate your ass. piece of worthless shit. how fucking dare you. you staged a break-in at dad's house and just took the money to use what a fucking trash-person you deserve to rot for that one bitch
Anonymous [527]
2014-02-21 18:56:40 (AEST)
temperate conditions year round is for cowards can you please just get in a frigging vehicle and go somewhere at least once if you're going to be doing that shit on the premises for f*cks sake man get it together sometimes i hate waking up, just wanna sleep, but the kind where you didn't even know you were sleeping, not the dreaming kind. is that what death will be like? amazing. what a mystery. i sure hope i get to come back as something else at some point and that it makes sense to be that thing for my soul reincarnation wow.
Anonymous [526]
2014-02-21 18:56:01 (AEST)
I'm sad and alone. :(
Anonymous [525]
2014-02-21 18:53:28 (AEST)
it's disheartening, really. steerin discourse is a lonely, cold game. ruthless, is what you ought to be, but do you have any experience in cold-calling? you will never type as quickly as me on an ipad try it get goddamn team viewer and we will see post the friggin score timestamp at all i aint fuckin around gosh what is wih the maltreated animals in this country i mean take care of your frigging animals my stomach wants more things to put through itself and into intestines and then golden bathrooms diamond floors, mirror ceilings for flavor and spice of life
Anonymous [524]
2014-02-21 18:53:07 (AEST)
It was about a kid playing video games and he fucked his husky or something. Typical furfag fantasy, it ended up on /mlp/ somehow. Shit, why can't I find it? I just want to fap
Anonymous [523]
2014-02-21 18:52:13 (AEST)
All I know, from my unscientific little experiment is that feeding cock custard to girls definitely has its advantages, for both sexes. I'd go so far as to say doctors ought to be prescribing it. Guys, what are you waiting for? Give the women in your life the greatest gift a man has to offer, and improve your relationships with them. Ladies, why not ask the men in your life for a regular dose of liquid silk? It has many nutritional benefits, and if you're feeling hesitant, just remember that you've probably already unknowingly swallowed several cupfuls of spunk, donated by guys like me. A few more on a regular basis can't hurt.
Anonymous [522]
2014-02-21 18:52:09 (AEST)
I should try writing pasta sometime.
Anonymous [521]
2014-02-21 18:52:08 (AEST)
why are guns so expensive. i just want to die.
Anonymous [520]
2014-02-21 18:51:59 (AEST)
mingling with her own juices and being rehydrated by them, is an amazing turn on for me.
I also see it as a way of marking my territory. While the scent of my cream hangs on her, it might drive other guys away. I'm not sure if that has any scientific basis, but it seems to work. I understand there is some scientific research that shows cum to contain chemicals that aid in partner bonding and fight depression in women, as well as changing their hormonal balance and significantly reducing their risk of breast cancer.
goatse [519]
2014-02-21 18:51:55 (AEST)
I really like goatse.
Anonymous [518]
2014-02-21 18:51:48 (AEST)
On the mornings after I've cooked for her the previous night, they're definitely muskier and damper, and often have a heavy dried sugar crystal like crust on the gusset, which I love to chew on.
In addition, I get the added bonus of sitting opposite her while she's eating and see her swallow my jizz, savouring every mouthful before it slides smoothly down her throat. Knowing that I'm corrupting her beautiful innocent face with my unique glaze and coating those gorgeous lips and tongue; the thought that at this very moment she might be wearing a pair of the panties from her drawer that I jerked off into, and that flakes of my dried man milk might at this very moment be nestled against her hot gooey moist cunt;
Anonymous [517]
2014-02-21 18:51:30 (AEST)
Pheromones maybe? I've been sniffing her soiled panties while she's been out, and I know that personal scents can have a powerful effect – I’ve often ended up spontaneously ejaculating merely from the scent of her personal secretions.
She’s told me she loves my cooking. It may just be a coincidence, but our bedrooms share a wall, and on the evenings I cook for her, I'm fairly sure I can hear her rubbing herself off. On the mornings when she leaves for work early and I'm in the flat alone, I sneak into her room and sniff and lick her still warm used panties from her laundry basket. The aroma is exquisite.
Anonymous [516]
2014-02-21 18:51:15 (AEST)
Before moral fags start whining, she seems to love it. She's commented on how her hair's been really soft recently and remarked on how her skin has been firmer, with a healthy glow to it. She even wondered if maybe the shampoo/conditioner manufacturers had changed the formulation. She used to get quite moody and hormonal over the month as her cycle progressed. Since I started feeding her my spooge, she's chilled out a lot and been really flirtatious with me. She's been more receptive to joking around with me, and finding ways to lightly touch my arms and chest, or accidentally brush up against me.
Anonymous [515]
2014-02-21 18:51:13 (AEST)
I wrote a killer dog sex pasta once

Too bad it's lost now
Anonymous [514]
2014-02-21 18:51:00 (AEST)
I tried asking her out when she first moved in but unfortunately she made it pretty clear that she wasn't interested in anything but friendship. I figured that if she wasn't going to taste my baby batter voluntarily, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't tasted anyone else’s before, I could feed it to her without her knowledge.
When she was out, I went around the house jacking off into her personal items - shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, moisturiser, panties from her panty drawer, etc. I also started taking cookery lessons and offered to cook for her in order to practice my skills. What she doesn't know is that every meal I've cooked for her so far has had a healthy dose of my secret special sauce.
Anonymous [513]
2014-02-21 18:50:47 (AEST)
Does anyone have a thing for seeing girls eat your cum?
I live with a beautiful girl. Blonde, model material, with legs, breasts and ass to die for and the face of an angel. She looks so innocent, I fell for her the moment I saw her. She looks so virginal and is so prudish even talking about sex, that I don't even know if she's had any guys in the past. We're both young professionals in our early 20s and met through a mutual friend who I knew through university and she knew through school. Recently she moved to the city, and needed a place to stay. I needed a housemate, so our friend set us up.
Anonymous [512]
2014-02-21 18:50:24 (AEST)
stupid radioshack go away. sell me shit for less. why cant i go in a store in america and haggle with the fucking guy i mean seriously what is this shit i bet if i came with a few friends we could get a reduced rate but no nowadays the only time you sorta get that is if you consolidate your fuckin insurances or recommend a friend to a multimega conglomerate-service fucking disaster-world everything crumbling fucking shitfart and faces right next to each other that is true disorder, disorder in the court system they don't even care my brother stole a fucking purse.
Anonymous Admin [511]
2014-02-21 18:49:29 (AEST)

n-no ;_;
Anonymous [510]
2014-02-21 18:48:39 (AEST)
You've got to help me, /b/. I've done something horrible.
I caught my girlfriend cheating with my best friend. When I saw them together, I got so furious, I slit their throats with my pocketknife. Then, I buried the two bodies and my mom got scared
And said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air."
I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought, "Nah, forget it. Yo home to Bel-Air!"
I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 And I yelled to the cabby yo holmes smell ya later Looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.
Anonymous [509]
2014-02-21 18:48:26 (AEST)
is this what you intended to happen op
Anonymous [508]
2014-02-21 18:47:24 (AEST)
shitbaby idiotcunt faggotbitch. dim-sum stands. too much frigging soy sauce, keep your fucking salty ass soy sauce reduced sodium my ass fucking buffet food so good want it now in my tummy love a good general tso yum yum sprinkle sesame anyway why cause i like it, get off my back about it, how now brown cow, kid.
Anonymous [507]
2014-02-21 18:47:15 (AEST)
I sat back laughing as he washed out his eyes with bottled water. He asked “why?” and I responded by dumping the rest of the socks contents on his head. Truly, I did it for the lulz.
While everybody was distracted I walked into shoprite and quickly shoved as many apples as I could up my ass. It was 4. I left shoprite with the most satisfaction I have ever felt in my life. I remember thinking “wow, I’m such a great person, I get 4 free apples, and I get to go home and jerk off to CP.”
When I think back on that day, I can always remember how sweet those apples tasted. Nothing sweeter.
Anonymous [506]
2014-02-21 18:46:49 (AEST)
That’s when I saw him. The old nigger who sat in front of shoprite saying hello to every asshole strolling by. I fucking hated this man. I couldn’t tell you why. I just hated him. He could smell my shit butter. I could tell because he was gasping for air. I quickly approached him thinking “this will be the greatest day of my life. Nothing could stop me now.” This is when I felt a sudden burst. I realized later that I had shot a load off in my pants right at that moment.
I was arms length from the nigger now. I clenched the sock tight with both hands and swung it at the niggers face with all my might. I hit him in the cheek with such force that the brownish-liquid had sprayed out all over his face. He immediately threw up.
Anonymous [505]
2014-02-21 18:46:21 (AEST)
In fact the only thing keeping me from raping Joanna while she lay in a pool of her own vomit was my sock full of shit butter. I knew I had something to do and I was damn sure going to do it. I kept walking.
I finally made it to my local grocery store. An epic journey it had been. Every asshole in the vicinity could smell the putrid odor but nobody knew where it came from. I can still hear them in my mind. “What the fuck is that smell.” “This smell is so bad I think I am going to kill myself with a hammer” one man said. I even saw a fellow depraved maniac in the corner of my eye. I could tell because he had the same smile that I did. He was laughing with the same glee. I’m sure he’s raped a severely mentally challenged child in his lifetime. I know I have.
Anonymous [504]
2014-02-21 18:46:04 (AEST)
I pull out from my sock drawer a heavy woolen sock and unload the contents of my asshole into it. I thought the smell was bad before. I now had the urge to do a barrel roll out my window to escape the horrid odor. I quickly tied the top of the sock and left my house.
As I walked down the street a brownish-yellow liquid slowly dripped from the bottom of the sock. The neighborhood kids became very curious as to what was going on and as they approached they caught a whiff of the putrid smell emanating from the sock. This is when Joanna, my neighbors 13 year old daughter vomited what looked like a freshly eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich all over the street. I nearly came in my pants at that moment. I had the sickest hard on.
Anonymous [503]
2014-02-21 18:45:47 (AEST)
I’m sitting there watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and around 15 minutes go by and I feel a sticky wetness on my ass cheeks and ballsack. This is when I realized that the butter I had shoved up my asshole had melted and leaked out onto my couch and it had a very distinct putrid stench to it. It had mixed with my shit to create something far worse than shit. It was probably the worst thing I’ve smelt in all my life. It actually smelt many times worse than the time I had stuck a pickle up my asshole and forgot about until the morning after.
While standing there taking in this wonderfully putrid smell I realize that I cannot be the only one to smell this. So I walked quickly upstairs with my ass cheeks clenched not wanting to spill a drop of my shit butter.
Anonymous [502]
2014-02-21 18:45:20 (AEST)
You're not supposed to care because everyone involved is dead now

Go cry over some courts in the amerifat south being racially biased if you want to get a social justice boner or something i don't fucking know
Anonymous [501]
2014-02-21 18:45:03 (AEST)
. I crunch into it and WHAM! My mouth goes crazy! That smooth combo of peanut butter and chocolate-y taste attacking my taste buds! She zips my pants back up and says "And it's part of this complete breakfast!"
Anonymous [500]
2014-02-21 18:44:48 (AEST)
So I met this girl who worked at Starbucks, and I worked up the courage to ask her on a date after a couple of conversations at the register. She was a month older than me but I didn't really care, she was fun to be around. So we took a walk along the beach, and we kissed in the pale moonlight, a full moon, it was really romantic. We started really getting into it, and she slowly unzipped my jeans, she reaches inside and starts kissing her way down my chest, she finally gets all the way down, looks up at me with the most seductive eyes I've ever seen and says "No thanks, I had Reese's for breakfast" and I'm like "No way, you had candy for breakfast?" She replies, "Not candy! Reese's puffs cereal!" So she sliiiiides me a bowl.
Anonymous [499]
2014-02-21 18:44:09 (AEST)
Seriously. You know that new game package smell? Like when you just took off the wrapping? My god, its a glorious smell. I've masturbated sniffing this smell so many times. It's great and the main reason I still buy games.
But my sister just farted on the couch next to me while I was playing Street Fighter IV. She blushed got up fanned her ass and ran to the bathroom to, I assume, shit or maybe she shit herself while she was next to me, there was some extra bulge in the back of her jeans. Now let me reiterate. She was sitting directly next to me. In effect, she farted on my side and then waved fart gas from her butt to my face. Now you fucking listen to me. This smelled glorious. I immediately became rock hard and didn't give a shit, I pulled my cock out and masturbated right there smelling my own sister fart. I didn't even care that I got beat by a scrub Ken while I was jerking off.
Matt Admin [498]
2014-02-21 18:44:01 (AEST)
>About to watch 12 years a slave
>I'm white

Am I supposed to feel sorry or proud?
Anonymous [497]
2014-02-21 18:41:40 (AEST)
This is not a health issue as I've been doing this all me life. It doesn't hurt, in fact the vibrations alone can initiate an orgasm. Just humiliating. Most women don't say anything, some laugh but every girl who has witnessed this seems to be mesmerized by it.
I know women like confident men but I just cannot seem to get comfortable with this and I feel it is ruining my life. Girls talk and I feel like the talk of the town. High school was a nightmare.
My question is: Are my the only one. Has anyone else experienced this? I've checked books, done internet searches etc., but can't find anything related to my problem. I don't feel that I can cure the problem but how can I be more comfortable with it.
How would you feel if you met a man who was attractive, kind, sensitive and sincere but PENIS farted?
Sorry if I was being too graphic but I felt like I finally needed a woman's opinion.
Thank you for your help and concern. Best Wishes
Anonymous [496]
2014-02-21 18:41:26 (AEST)
Not too sure where to start but I'm a 24 year old male with a VERY humiliating problem (at least to me). My PENIS farts. This is what my latest girlfriend called it. Although she says it's the cutest and sexiest thing she's ever seen, I cant begin to express how embarrassing this is to me.
It can be anything from a soft wet whistling sound to a very loud popping or air escaping quickly sound. Yes, just like regular fart but much higher pitched and can be about 5x as loud. (coming out of a smaller hole, I guess). During a typical hand job my PENIS can fart up to 30 times. My girlfriend seems to love it but I feel like crying. The gentlest squeeze especially at the base can elicit a fart but the worst is when I orgasm.
Anonymous [495]
2014-02-21 18:39:44 (AEST)
So I let Sasu lick it up. Since I had never been eaten out before, I really didn't know that what I was doing was sexual in the least, but I realized that it felt really good and was only making me wetter. Even after I came Sasu was still licking it all up and the front of my skirt was soaked in a combination of my pussy juice and Sasu's saliva. Once I had to go back inside, I just twisted my skirt to the side and went to my room to change.
Anonymous [494]
2014-02-21 18:39:33 (AEST)
At first the dog just sniffed my butt around but once he got the idea, he got on top of me and started humping my butt through my panties. He kept banging against my clit and my juices were flowing to pretty much everywhere. I didn't let him inside me yet because I was too afraid. I mean, think about it. That's pretty fucking gross. But anyways. Whenever I got back home, I sat on the front porch. My uncle had come back and was ready to pick up the dog but he was inside talking to my sister. My uncle told me to stay outside with Sasu for a while, so I did. While we were out there, I was sitting on a bench with my legs spread open and Sasu kept trying to stick his nose in my crotch. Usually, I'd push his face away and close my legs, but I was extremely wet and was dripping everywhere.
Anonymous [493]
2014-02-21 18:38:40 (AEST)
Go fuck yourself, worthless kid. Whenever something happens you go up to your little ・b/ folder・ pick up UMAD.jpg and post it here, thinking you are the best, laughing behind your screen, flapping these adipous cheeks of yours while your wawa chocolate milk drips all overy your XXXL t-shirt. Fucking pederast. You rotten, disgusting slug, bucephalus leech. I hate you and your entire body smells like feces. Do you have any idea of how long you have been there, sitting on this same chair that because of some unknown miracle managed to withstand your massive weight? You have been there for weeks, months, locked up in your room that smells like Doritos and Wawa milk, jacking off to your Haruhi wallpaper and posting 填MAD.jpg・on this fucking imageboard. I don稚 even know how you manage to type with your thick, greasy fingers, or how you still manage to find your tiny penis among all the fat flaps on your belly and groin area. You pile of shit, bipedal sperm-whale!!!
Anonymous Admin [492]
2014-02-21 18:37:54 (AEST)
Best trip friend :D
Anonymous [491]
2014-02-21 18:36:20 (AEST)
super hot chick thanks op I came a whole mom
oh god all i have left to cum is bone marrow aaaah god no stop it hurts m bone marrow thx op 10/10
holy penis i shat pics of spiderman
epic win OP I cam shit and shat cum
I’m watching this now with my family and my granpa is winning the cumbucket challenge thx op 10/10
I came so hard my cum created a sonic boom and now I can’t hear shit thx op 10/10
your under arrest op for make this such fantastic porno movievideo, I birthed several sperm childs
thx op i came so hard my dick split open and wasps flew out and stung my mom 9/11
thx op i cut dick off and threw my dick like cum grenade 10/10
op made me cum like a small turtle call me franklin
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Anonymous [490]
2014-02-21 18:35:39 (AEST)
I wish I had a horse cock so I could cum inside girls stomachs directly. Does anyone else share this feel?
best tripfriend [489]
2014-02-21 18:35:38 (AEST)
this is a scary, strange place now.
Anonymous [488]
2014-02-21 18:35:37 (AEST)
thanks op i came on cat she hiss at penis
i fapped so hard mine dong flew out da window i here its in china now
wow op i fap so hard my dick bigger 2 inches great vid
omg i coming cats and dogs thnx for pic!!
omg op i come so hard that I shot a whole in my wall. now my mom is angry and said i had a hug cock!
i came so hard im now a woman thx op
The hurricane winds generated from how fast I was whacking it knocked down my entire south wall of my house and now car alarms all over the neigborhood are going off.
I just shat my pants in class now i cant move or it will all squelch out and the girl near me is starting to notice the smell thanks op!
i know own a small fast food chain in rhode island thx op
thx op for share her exclusive move make sister grew dick to fuck my ass with
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Anonymous [487]
2014-02-21 18:35:33 (AEST)
you should be proud if you copied this pasta straight from the source when they happened.
Anonymous [486]
2014-02-21 18:34:17 (AEST)
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Anonymous [484]
2014-02-21 18:33:29 (AEST)
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Anonymous [483]
2014-02-21 18:32:40 (AEST)
nigger. they have big dicks apparently.
Anonymous [482]
2014-02-21 18:32:28 (AEST)
Unfortunately again, this exertion caused me to sweat, and when I finally reached my room, my cheeks were sliding back and forth against each other like a pair of horny cane-toads. I quickly dropped my pants, and attempted to dry my ass off by sticking it in front of a fan and spreading my cheeks. As I pulled the two mounds of flesh apart, a horrible stench burst free and filled the room. Every dog within a 4 block radius started to howl. I had it worst of all, as the ripe aroma of festering shit/sweat went into the fan and blew back into my face. I fought to keep from heaving. And as I sat there, fighting vomit, my ass cheeks spread and dripping, with the concentrated aroma of my body odor mixed with the tangy smell of my own shit blowing right into my face, I had only one thought: "It will be like this until the hair grows back. Weeks."
Anonymous [481]
2014-02-21 18:32:16 (AEST)
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Anonymous [480]
2014-02-21 18:32:08 (AEST)
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Anonymous [479]
2014-02-21 18:32:05 (AEST)
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Anonymous [478]
2014-02-21 18:30:30 (AEST)
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Anonymous [477]
2014-02-21 18:30:21 (AEST)
473, I am here. How are you doing?
Matt Admin [476]
2014-02-21 18:30:08 (AEST)
A jew any day
Anonymous [475]
2014-02-21 18:29:54 (AEST)
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Anonymous [473]
2014-02-21 18:29:27 (AEST)
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Anonymous [472]
2014-02-21 18:29:14 (AEST)
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Anonymous [471]
2014-02-21 18:28:39 (AEST)
Hi, /b/. I have a problem.
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Anonymous [470]
2014-02-21 18:28:32 (AEST)
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2014-02-21 18:28:24 (AEST)
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Anonymous [468]
2014-02-21 18:27:13 (AEST)
I hate to burst your bubble but i've known sky since middle school up through high shcool. She was a haggard valley girl with the personality of some wet cardboard. Also, she looks about 73% less attractive in real life. There was also this rumor that she would only brush her teeth like once or twice a month, which is pretty believable considering every time i saw her at a party or something she would have her entire week's food consumption stuck to her braces.

She's always been nice to me though so i have nothing against her. All im saying is don't put the pussy (or in this case butthole) on a pedastool guys. No girl is perfect
Anonymous [467]
2014-02-21 18:26:34 (AEST)
so for all you armchair judges,

adelina did seven triples five of which were in combination.

Yuna had excellent presentation and was a good show, but she did six triples and only three in combo.

Adelina's spins were higher difficulty as well. L4 vs yuna's L 3

Technically, Adelina had the superior program.

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Anonymous [466]
2014-02-21 18:25:23 (AEST)
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Anonymous [465]
2014-02-21 18:25:11 (AEST)
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Anonymous [464]
2014-02-21 18:25:09 (AEST)
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Anonymous [463]
2014-02-21 18:24:59 (AEST)
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Anonymous [461]
2014-02-21 18:24:44 (AEST)
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Anonymous [460]
2014-02-21 18:24:42 (AEST)
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Anonymous [459]
2014-02-21 18:24:33 (AEST)
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Anonymous [458]
2014-02-21 18:24:31 (AEST)
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Anonymous [457]
2014-02-21 18:24:22 (AEST)
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Anonymous [456]
2014-02-21 18:24:21 (AEST)
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Anonymous [455]
2014-02-21 18:24:19 (AEST)
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Anonymous [454]
2014-02-21 18:24:03 (AEST)
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